Sunday, May 15, 2016


Since my last post on the Lederman lawsuit victory, in which I included a link to Celia Oyler's blog, Outrage on the Page, the PARCC police went after her with legal threats of personal liability if she did not take down information about their 4th grade language arts test, calling her an "infringer" of copyrights. They also hit all tweets mentioning the post, including a few of mine. As Peter Greene tweeted about the #PARCCopalypse that ensued, he wrote, "You know what kind of test needs this sort of heavy security? A crappy test." Outraged by the idea that they could be successful in these intimidation tactics, educational bloggers rallied over the weekend and began a campaign of protest. To know more, you might start with Diane Ravitch's site, then Leonie Haimson's, and Anthony Cody's. But I'm pretty sure if you try a Google or Twitter or Facebook search for PARCC you will find the story has gone viral. Dr. Julian Vasquez Heilig thinks it would even make a good dissertation topic. 
5/24/16 update: The story has been published in the New York Times and USA Today. Here's what they left out.

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