Thursday, March 16, 2017

Ding Dong! The ALST at LAST is Dead!

That’s right, be happy/sad that you have likely wasted more money on a certification test that made you feel frustration, rage, and righteous indignation. At least the Regents have been listening to the chorus of protests from all corners of the state, and it seems there is likely to be some more wiggle room coming our way on the edTPA

Meanwhile, lost in all the crazy news coming from Washington DC, is the move by Congress to undo much of the ESSA (see New York Times story here). The teacher preparation regulations are gone, and AACTE seems pretty happy about that. Once the new law is signed by you-know-who, it’s likely to create confusion at the state level because, in Chris Minnich’s words quoted in the Times, “the states are planning and doing stuff.” Disruption, chaos, all against a backdrop of the depressing testing season, declining enrollments in teacher preparation programs, rising class sizes, you name it.

But I have to leave you on a happy note. Listen to this magnificent rendition  of You Raise Me Up with the amazing PS22 Chorus and Celtic Woman and have a happy Saint Patrick’s Day.